More than 15 years of experience in production management for machine and prototype construction in the stainless steel processing industry. Many years of specialisation in welding and surface treatment technology form the foundation of MBinox GmbH, founded in 2013 by Michael and Monika Büürma in Jülich, Germany. TÜV-certified devices and production processes are a matter of course at MBinox. The results of these developments are multiple brand and patent registrations. After 6 successful years in the development and production of electrochemical weld seam cleaning devices, welding devices, automation systems and chemical surface treatments, the company founder Michael Büürma is constantly developing innovative, user-friendly solutions for the stainless steel processing industry. The many replicas made by competitors are a credit to Mr Büürma and a testament to his drive for continuous further development and perfection. MBinox markets its products exclusively via the welding trade. This guarantees professional pre-sales and after-sales support


Electrolyte supply for all electrochemical cleaning devices. This professional tool enables direct and correctly-dosed supply of electrolytes during the weld seam cleaning process via a carbon fibre brush. The system can help you make time savings of up to 70% and achieve a long service life for the carbon fibre brush. The result is perfect stainless steel surfaces. An expanded working radius of up to 16 metres without interruption via an extension cable increases efficiency. This professional tool also enables a direct continuous electrolyte supply during etching. Large areas can be easily etched in one go without putting down the etching head. This helps you achieve quick, clean and dark etching. An all-round perfect result.


Quick, efficient and without altering or damaging the surface, with instant passivation. In contrast to other methods, such as grinding, brushing, abrasive blasting or pickling, electrochemical weld seam cleaning is the only method that guarantees instant results and passivation. The electrolytes used are absolutely non-toxic. Components are even used as additives in the food industry, primarily as an acidifier in fizzy cola drinks (E338)
Content BASIC kit: Ground cable + clamp Ø 10mm / 3m Workpiece cable highly flexible Ø 10mm / 4m Cold device cable 3m Teflon handle SK 25 High performance carbon fibre brush Carbon-Fix Cleaning/polishing electrolyte SPEZIAL 500ml Ceramic paste 10ml De-/Assembly key Wide neck container Operating instructions Transport box


The MBinox SMARTSTATION is the optimum workstation for stainless steel processors for the operation of electrochemical cleaning devices. The SMARTSTATION offers the perfect workspace for cleaning stainless steel weld seams and stainless steel surfaces. There is plenty of space for parts on the stainless steel perforated plate surface, on which they can be electrochemically cleaned directly. Water for rinsing or excess electrolyte is drained into a collection container via a pipe system (which can be shut off by a ball valve).
Process vapours can be extracted away from the user via the adjustable extraction arm (low-maintenance system with activated carbon filter). Automatic supply of electrolytes accelerates the cleaning process by up to 50%. Perfect cleaning results are achieved. The carbon fibre brushes are adequately cooled, resulting in a longer service life.


Welding automation including cold wire delivery. Whether it's prefabricating of pipes or serial production of railing posts; the device can be used to programme and call up any welding task from 19mm to 145mm diameter. Weld round blanks, sleeves, nipples, plates, elbows, mandrels, etc. with or without filler material. This can reduce your production and labour costs by up to 80%, whilst maintaining the same high quality. The INOXWELDER can be used in industrial production, as well as in small and medium-sized metalworking shops. Certified by TÜV Rheinland. This certifies that the manufacturer has welded and performed process testing in accordance with EN ISO 15614-1, using welding procedure 14 (TIG) in accordance with EN ISO 4063 with the characteristics of the INOXWELDER 4.0 under the supervision of TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH. The characteristic combinations apply to the MBinox welding device “INOXWELDER 4.0”. Scope of application: This standard welding procedure can be applied in accordance with EN 1090-2 Pt. Qualification of Welding Procedures Table 12, as a standard welding procedure in accordance with EN ISO 15612.