Robotek is committed to deliver one or two components polyurethane and silicon dispensing systems with innovative designs and efficient performance to customers all over the world. Regardless of how complex the dispensing system requirement, Robotek experts are ready to serve you. Many years of experience in a broad range of industries and extensive application knowledge allow Robotek to deliver precisely customised solutions. Either an individual dispensing machine or up to fully automated robot cells or turkey integrated production lines, our solutions are carefully configured to match your specific needs. For more details, you can visit

In polyurethane dispensing system A and B components are metered, mixed and dispensed into a groove or onto a flat surface at room temperature in Formed-in-Place-Foam-Gasket (FIPFG) process for the production of polyurethane foam gasket. The system control is based on powerful industrial CNC unit with linear, circular, and helical interpolation. The CNC unit is programmed in G code according to DIN 66025 and easy programming software is also supplied. The system has an operator friendly interface with 15” TFT industrial PC for simple setting of all the operating parameters, such as output and dispensing values, speedand acceleration ramps.

Electrical design: According to EN60204-1

Mains connection: 3×400 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Rated power approx.: 9kVA

Compressed air approx.: 1,5 l/m @6-7 bar

Manipulator: Aluminum profile construction 3 degree of freedom cartesian robot

Maximum axis speed: 30 m/min

Maximum acceleration: 2 m/s²

Dispensing space: X=2250mm, Y=1250mm, Z=

Positioning accuracy (X,Y,Z): +/- 250 µm

Repeatability (X,Y,Z): +/- 250 µm

Mixing ratio: infinitely adjustable

Dosing: 2 high precision pumps for dosing