DARDONTECH is a National High-tech Enterprise that specialized in R&D and manufacturing of all kinds of CNC machine tools for sheet metal industry, includes punching, bending, laser cutting and shearing. The company aims to provide the optimal solution for global customers and is always focusing on improving efficiency and decreasing the processing cost of customer. With years of development, DARDONTECH Brand becomes the pronoun of high-quality and high-efficiency. The thunder-speed pre-sale and after-sale service mechanism is another factor of sound reputation. Because of excellent products quality and passion of ourpeople, DARDONTECH is keeping create miracles in sheet metal machinery industry.


D-ER300 full electric servo CNC turret punch press is a high-grade CNC product developed by our company with advanced technologies. The drive system of D-ER300 is servo motor type, with low noise, high speed, high efficiency features. Can punch sheet thickness up to 6.35mm.The design of high precision and high repetitive positioning accuracy makes the machine produce more high-precision parts than other similar machines.



Multi-lateral bending centre does not need to change the tools, the working stoke is short and feed is fast comprehensive efficiency is 3-4 times faster than manual bending machines. According to bending process, it can fold up and down, so as to realise the bending of arcs, dead edges and various angles. High intelligent operation control system, which can efficiently bend different workpieces. Energy saving, less man power and tool cost.


Operation Item

  • Power : 3 phase 5 line380V±5%, 50Hz,150KVA
  • Installation Area: Load bearing concrete floor
  • Max Temperature:40° C
  • Min Temperature: -5° C (the chiller needs to add antifreeze if temperature less than 0)
  • Relative humidity: 55˜85%
  • altitude: <1000m
  • Auxiliary compressed air: 5bar
  • Cutting oxygen: Industrial pure Oxygen 99.95%
  • Cutting nitrogen: Industrial pure nitrogen 99.995%
  • Cutting air: No water, No oil, Pressure 2.5—3.0MP