Innovative light for better results. This is Z-LASER’s promise and obligation. Located in the heart of the Black Forest in Freiburg, Germany, Z-LASER has been developing and producing innovative, high-quality laser solutions for over 35 years. By providing visual guidance and orientation for people as well as machines, lasers for positioning, lasers for machine vision, and laser projectors from Z-LASER optimize production processes, ensure quality, and contribute to the careful use of resources.

Industrial laser projectors serve as optical guidance systems. In many manufacturing processes, they allow working without templates by indicating directly on the workpiece how tools have to be positioned or material has to be mounted.

This can be the case, for example, in welding and assembly or in so-called light guide systems. In this way, laser projectors guide employees step-by-step through the assembly process.

The laser projectors from Z-LASER are particularly convincing due to their fast and stable projection with a high repetition rate, so that visual flickering is reduced or at best prevented. The Z-LASER laser projectors are optimized for 2D and 3D applications and offer a highly accurate projection in the sub-millimeter range. The optical angles (80° x 80°) allow the coverage of large working areas.

Z-LASER laser projectors can be combined into multi-projection systems. This enables large and very complex projections (e.g. shipbuilding, wind turbine blades for wind turbines, etc.


ZLP1 is a cost-effective entry to laser projection. It is the smallest laser projector in the Z-LASER ZLP family. ZLP1 is directed to 2D and 3D applications like pick-and-place, logistics, and workstations. Enlarge and optimize your production or workflow by this easy to use laser projection system. ZLP1 is eye-safe (laser class 2M) and covers working fields from 1.0m x 1.0m up to 3.5m x 3.5m. Possible working distances range from 1.0m to 3.0m. We offer our own software ZLP-Suite, which has an intuitive software interface with many customizable options and as a result customers can adapt the settings according to their specifi c application. Furthermore, ZLP-Suite can be upgraded with additional software modules. Thanks to its numerous connectivity options the laser projector can be operated through various software interfaces such as C++, C#, Python.



ZLP2 is the high-end model of our ZLP laser projector family. ZLP2 comes with an unmatched beam quality due to the use of a fiber-coupled laser source. Thanks to its precision of 0.25mm per meter working distance, ZLP2 is perfectly suited for applications in composite using industries.

ZLP2 comes with the intuitive graphical user interface ZLP-Suite. The integrated API allows an easy integration of ZLP2 in existing customer software. For the extension of ZLP-Suite additional software modules are available.