Gecam has been developing and manufacturing machines for grinding, deburring and finishing sheet metal since 1994. Founded as small company in Parma, we have always maintained as our core value attention to quality. The use of 100% Italian materials has allowed us to become, over the years, a benchmark company for the industry. Our experienced and highly qualified staff, from different disciplines, allows for constant development of production with the primary objective of meeting (and exceeding) the needs of our customers. The technical department, in addition to the production of our standard products, is involved daily in the design of customized machines based on the specific requests of our customers. The high quality guaranteed by local production and an efficient and punctual service allows GECAM to impose itself in world markets boasting 85% of our total sales in exports with 15% home sales. Customer satisfaction is achieved through the strict observance of their requirements, with constant improvement in our production activities thanks to careful planning, monitoring and documentation of each business process


Belt grinding machine for the execution of radius or for the cleaning of welded corners at 2 speeds, Volt 400 complete with cabinet stand, suction hood, electrical system in compliance with current regulations in a watertight metal box and suction system (optional). The machine has been designed for cleaning welded corners on the edges of rectangular pieces such as work surfaces, boxes and cases with welded corners at a maximum height of 150mm and to perform radius’ on flat pieces of the same height in a very short time. The machine consists of a cabinet stand suitable for housing belts. The grinding head, the adjustable work surface, as well as the self-filtering suction system are secured into the cabinet stand. The grinding head, made in pre-moulded and electrically welded thick sheet, houses the patented system for the execution of radius’ and the grinding belt tightening and centering system.The radius execution system consists of a fork holding two rollers on which a free section of grinding belt runs. The rollers oscillate in both the corner and the fulcrum. Both of the oscillations are adjustable so as to ensure the desired radius at all times (from R=1 to R=10) as well as the cleaning of sharp edges. Belts of abrasive cloth may be used for the cleaning, Scotch Brite tape for glazing, and felt for polishing.


Machine is composed by:

a) an operating head with pneumatic tension of the abrasive belt, with free belt oscillating fork. b) a carriage for longitudinal handling (machining) of working head, equipped with recirculating ball bearing guides, gear motor and trapezoidal screw and nut transmission. c) a carriage for transversal handling of working head (approach to the piece), equipped with recirculating ball bearing guides, pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valve. d) electrical system consisting of a metal box, containing the inverter for operating head speed variation, a programmable relay aimed at operating head in-and out timing, 2 buttons security system for vice locking, reset button, start button, stop button, emergency push button, and all the necessary components such as relays, contactors, etc. f) base with table support for pieces, with fitting edge “0” on side and front. g) manually adjustable clamp by hand wheel and numerical display, for the width of the piece with fast locking device, The operator acts on the hand-wheel and by means of the digit display edits width value of work pieces; then pieces are placed on the support table in order to be positioned against side and front fitting edges. By pressing the two buttons, pieces are pneumatically clamped. On control panel, operator can select working head feeding and abrasive belt speed, then presses the start button. Working head is operated and moves towards the piece at the desired processing speed, processing the work piece as desired. When machining has been completed, the head stops. From this moment on, operator can unlock the work-piece and insert a new work piece


The machine is able to weld the corner on bended pieces in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The operator fix the piece on the table of the machine, taking care that the corner is touching the external squaring guide in copper, after that he push the lock bottom. The piece is locked from the internal side against the copper guides with the help of pneumatic cylinder.The operator pushes the start bottom and the machine welds the corner according to the parameters selected on the control of the welding machine. After the welding operation the worker selects “release“ bottom, the piece is unlocked and the machine is ready for e new corner.
Technical features:
• Welded steel base, complete with guides to support and displace the torch unit;
• Pneumatic locking system of the piece with copper squaring guide, in order to keep the heat of the piece under a certain level
• Very flexible system, it can work with plasma welding machine or TIG type.


  • Ideal for sheet and plate bended parts
  • High capacity working with 2 belts
  • Speed control from 0 to 3.000 Rpm/min
  • Variable speed abrasive belt
  • Max height piece 600 mm
  • Welded steel frame, solid and robust structure.
  • Automatic table up and down setting
  • Direct light on the working position
  • Easy and quick belt change
  • High capacity working with two sanders
  • Speed control 0 – 3000 rev/min
  • Pneumatic spreader system
  • Contact roller, options


  • Usefull working width: mm 1,100
  • Abrasive belt dimentions, (width-length): mm 1120 x 2200
  • Working thickness min/max: mm 0,8 – 170
  • Weight net: kg 1,720
  • Sound level: dbA 80
  • Shipping dimentions in pallet (L l h) No 3 x hood dust extraction: mm 2050x1750x2250
  • diameter: mm 180
  • Extraction air compsumation at 30 m/sec: m³/h 6,000
  • Compressed air pressure: bar 6
  • Color light grey RAL 7035 – blue RAL 5017 Standard Voltage: V 400
  • CE standard safety norms: