RSM Machinery is a specialized exporter of machine tools, mainly focus on Corner Forming Machine, V Cut Machine. V Grooving Machine, Fastener insertion machine, other different kinds of machine tooling and accessories.Our customers are widespread in more than 10 countries including Germany, Spain, France, England Greece, Finland, Norway, Canada, South America, Middle east, Australia, Austria, Africa and Southeast Asia etc.Our principle is offering high quality machines and good service to all the customers. We will give you quick response upon any of your need.RSM is an established designer and manufacturer of top-quality universal steelworkers/ironworkers. RSM Hydraulic Ironworkers are designed with multi-functions to save labour, time, energy and cost. We also offer accessories and tooling. For over 10 years now, we have been innovating and specializing in hydraulic ironworkers. Our machine assembly according to European assembly-line mode, and tested by European related standards, widely sold in Europe and USA market.

JCX-BH-1-3 Forming and Shearing The forming and shearing is finished separately in two working positions, installed safety light curtain protection to make the production process more safe and humanistic. The accuracy of clearance adjustments between moulds is controlled by Fuji servo motors, parameters is adjusted through touch screen, some other movement is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC, a set of mould is with the machine, including: rolling mould, square mould, shear knife

Processing range(mm) Materials Thickness Forming Height (MAX.30mm) Corner radius(outside), mm Cold-rolled plate 0.5-1.2 Less than 25 times of the plate thickness 1.5-50 Cold-rolled plate 1.2-3.0 Less than 20 times of the plate thickness 1.5-50 Aluminum plate 0.8-1.2 Less than 25 times of the plate thickness 1.5-50 Aluminum plate 1.2-3.0 Less than 20 times of the plate thickness 1.5-50 Stainless steel plate (304 and higher grade) 0.5-1.2 Less than 20 times of the plate thickness 1.5-50 Stainless steel plate(304 and higher grade) 1.2-2.5 Less than 15 times of the plate thickness 1.5-50


CNC V Cut/ Grooving machine

This equipment is for CNC gantry slot machine. This machine adopts the advanced CNC system, the design is novel, with high machining precision, simple operation, no noise, no vibration, etc. The machine is used for the sheet metal parts (including stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, copper plate, iron plate, plastic board, acrylic board and other special plate.) On V groove, u-shaped slot and other irregular groove processing, especially suitable for V groove in front of the metal sheet bending processing.HRL type CNC gantry metal sheet slitting machine is the company scientific researchers in South Korea gantry metal sheet slitting machine based on the research and development of upgrade the product, this machine has all performance of traditional gantry type, adequately address the customer in a series of problems encountered in the process of actual operation. This equipment is designed for all four axes servo, in all gantry slot machine products both at home and abroad with the nature of breakthrough