Volumec ® is a young reality with a strong Italian character whose priority is to make machines able to continuously improve the productivity of our customers. Our Tapping machines made from Aluminium alloy, very light weight with robust construction, the world known. The brushless speaks about the reliability and repeatability of machines. The Machine are available from 2 Arms to 3 Arms having range up to 1900mm in radius. The quality of materials used, the reliability of the solutions applied have allowed Volumec ® to develop user-friendly products for use in the field of mechanics, carpentry, mould construction, all the bodywork and assembly operations.


  • Brushless motor 400 watt
  • Tapping capacity in iron M2-M14 (M16 in Aluminum)
  • Speed 40-450
  • Articulated arm system in special
  • Work-ray max 1102 mm.
  • Spindle GR1


  • Brushless motor
  • Tapping capacity in iron M8-M36
  • Speed 20-145 rpm
  • Triple-balanced articulated arm system in special Aluminum
  • Work-ray max 1900 mm.
  • Spindle GR3
  • EDS01 electronic depth sensor
  • LST01 Automatic lubrication system Tools
  • (M) Multi Directional Head


DRILLING AND TAPPING UNIT DRILLTRONIC DTS161250 with locking axis by electro-pneumatic manual control. Working range max 1300 mm. Column max height 500 mm.The structure is designed with a technology capable of giving fluidity and rapidity for the placements, ensuring rigidity and precision during machining operations.Main motor is Brushless type with high performance and low noise with quick-release chuck for mounting cylindrical shank bits from 3 to 16 mm in diameter, or bushes with clutch for tapping.Tool head equipped with quick push-button to control the motor, power control and full locking arm in working position desired, emergency and safety shield in accordance with CE regulations