LAG's products represent a synthesis between the Italian technology innovation, attention to detail and design and the great Chinese production capacity.These values added with the best components in the world allow LAG to offer its customers the Press Brake with the best relationship between quality and price on the market.One of the strengths of the company is the constant research towards product innovation which can improve customer’s working performance allowing to reduce production costs, scrap and consequently increasing productivity. Innovation is in the nature of the company and the persons that to belong to it.Enthusiastic and qualified staff leads LAG to be a company which product becomes pride for all joining the production process. The attention dedicated to quality and the respect of regulations are observed for each step of the production thus creating an additional value to company’s final product.


Simple, essential, precise and reliable and cost-Effective The X-BRAVO range goes from 60 to 170 tons. The standard equipment studied for the custode that while not giving up the high quality with a modest investment can meet the demand for high performance sheet metal bending. Product with innovated technology mechanics, hydraulics and electronics to ensure maximum accuracy.


  • G-FLEX deflection compensation system
  • G-CS active crowning system
  • 4 axes (Y1-Y2-X-R)
  • Safety system DSP
  • Manual sliding front supports
  • 2 axes (X-R) back gauge system mod. GRP-2


The top quality Press Brake range equipped with the accessories and automations for high profitability performance. Tandem versions available. The G-TOP range goes from 60 to 600 tons.


  • G-FLEX deflection compensation system
  • G-CS active crowning system
  • 6 axes (Y1-Y2-X-R-Z1-Z2)
  • Double pump: one for the machine and another one for the active crowning system
  • Safety system DSP AP
  • Touch screen control panel located on the electrical box
  • Sliding motorized front supports
  • Touch screen numerical control
  • 4 axes (X-R-Z1-Z2) back gauge system mod. GRP-4
  • Heating exchanging system.


Speed, productivity, reliability, low consumption and respect for the environment With the RAINER technology the Punching System has become an electrical axis with high characteristics of accuracy, speed and reliability. Thanks to these characteristics RAINER punch press centers are confirmed among the more interesting machines on the sheet metal working market. The reliability of RAINER technology is based on the quality of the components used, on the brilliant design and simplicity of assembly, the system is activated by high power torque motor.



Insertion machine is not a part of the manufacturing process where manufacturers want to invest a great deal of human resources. It is often monotonous work and can dramatically impact on production line quality and efficiency. The machine optimizes labour, improve quality and increase productivity. The insertion machine also reduce part handing and part damage, and can be also customized to suit highly specialized applications:


  • 72KN force and 24 inch (610mm) throat depth;
  • 100% safety system;
  • Positive stop function is standard with the machine;
  • Re-design Reliability and energy efficiency of a full hydraulic system, ensure the force repeatability +/-1%;
  • Optional auto feeding system and the self-clinch tooling;
  • Re-design strong C-frame to eliminate the deformation;
  • Possibility to insert M12 nut with the mild steel;
  • Variable dwell time for use with the stainless steel M8 nut and materials and the other hard materials;


Constant, precision and straightness of the cut. The Shear GC range goes from 4 to 30 mm. Equipped with new technical systems solutions that ensure operator comfort. It differs from traditional shears thanks to a different and more advanced cutting technology which ensures high consistency, precision and straightness of the work-piece.


  • Innovative hydraulic system
  • Thrust of cylinders perfectly aligned with the blade carrier beam
  • Hold down units with proportional pressure self-adjusted
  • Blade carries beam guides along the entire cutting length
  • Ball screw back gauge
  • Anti-twist device (optional)

Squaring front support arm complete with disappearing gauge, rules and screw balls

  • "U" profile ball bench for sheet handling, screw balls and front support
  • Front support
  • Blades with two cutting edges (with four on request)
  • LED lighting cutting line
  • CNC control for automatic setting of:
*Blade gap;
*Rake angle;
*Cutting length;