PRADA NARGESA S.L. is a family company founded in 1970, located near Barcelona, Spain with more than 40 years’ experience in the branch of manufacturing industrial machinery: Profile formers, Hydraulic Punching machines, Forging Machines; propane furnaces, Hydraulic Press brakes, Shears, Broaching machines, Weld Positioners, etc. All our range of machines and accessories are completely manufactured at NARGESA. We have 10.000m2 facilities and a regular stock of 400 machines. We count on more than 8.500 customers and more than 16.800 machines sold all over the world. Nargesa is a symbol of Quality, Reliability, Guaranty, and Innovation..

Forge furnace

The new propane forging furnace H1 NARGESA, has been designed to heat up steel in a more efficient and safe way, respecting environment. More efficient: up to a 75% less gas, achieving higher temperature that any furnace of its range. Safer: new safety systems for the operator, according to the regulation RD919/2006. 100% Respectful with environment: lower than 0.002€ CO. Inside cover with vermiculite 100% natural and eco-friendly.


Profile former

Profile Former MC200H Nargesa, made of welded and mechanized steel sheet. Unlike the others, this one is not made of cast iron. Ideal for making flanges, greenhouses, balausters, tables, chairs, doors, windows… making a great number of circular shape in all kinds of profiles. Its robustness, axis diameter, reducer capacity and other features, make it one of the best bending machines in the market, within the category of two traction rollers.

Non-Mandrel Pipe Benders

The new generation of non-mandrel pipe benders makes up to 180º curves on hollow pipes with the best finish, the greatest speed and thinner than other machines in the same category. Pipes may be round, oval, square, rectangular...made of different materials, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper...


Forging twisting machines

The twisting machine MT500A Nargesa was patented by Prada Nargesa many yeasr ago. It makes us lead the manufacturing of this kind of machinery. It is made in a welded and mechanized Steel monoblock. It has been thought to transform cols iron. It is ideal for working all kind of ornamental pieces, handrails, scrolls, etc...

End forging machine

The End Hot Wrought Machine Nargesa PC16, eases up the rolling job of hot steel. It rolls up the snail forged shaped end. These decorations are commonly used as extremes in scrolls and decorative parts. Gates, windows, fencing, metal furniture, etc...


Wrought iron machine

The Wrought iron Machine Nargesa NF70 smashes and molds irons up to obtaining the desired shape depending on the mold design. It forges arrow ends or lances of different kinds; flat, pyramidal, etc. It also makes baluster extremes to accomplish nice ornamental parts by changing the die. It forges and smashes balusters in the middle to make different designs.

Iron embossing machine NOA60

The purpose of NOA60 Nargesa is to conform and emboss designs on cold flat bars, square bars and square pipes. The shape and the design of the job will depend on the rollers used. .


Power hammer

Power hammers or pile drivers MP60 Nargesa, are manufactured in welded and mechanized steel sheet. They are used in manyblacksmith workshops to make all kinds of forging ornamentalpieces which eases the job of moulding hot steel. Differenttooling are used: for inlaying, moulding, cutting, piercing,rivetting, embossing, etc, in all kinds of metals.

Horizontal Press Brake

The versatility of the 20 Tons Horizontal Press Brake Nargesa PP200 allows us to bend, fold, cut and shape in cold, stretch and reduce, inlay, notch and assemble .


Hydraulic iron worker

The Hydraulic Punching Machine MX340G Nargesa main feature is its verstility. It can make several functions as punching operations in metal sheet, flat bar , pipe, angle, U-T-UPN-IPN profiles, folding, cutting, tuve notching, inlaying, punching, bending sheets, stamping... It can be suitable for any other kind of tooling.