Founded in 2006, we are a supplier of vacuum application solutions focusing on the R & D, production, sales and technical services of vacuum coating equipment. Our main products are vacuum coating equipment and supporting process service support. After years of technical development and experience accumulation, it has complete R & D and manufacturing capacity of vacuum coating equipment and coating process development capacity, and provides customized and professional vacuum coating equipment and process solutions for customers in different industries

Cathode arc ion vacuum coating machine

Arc ion coating machine is a high efficiency, harmless and pollution-free machine. It has features of fast deposition rate, great ionization rate, large ion energy, easy operation, low cost and large productive capacity etc. The principle of vacuum electric arc ion coating is based on cold cathode, self-sustained arc discharge plasma evaporation, ionization material, combine pulsed bias technical to improve the energy and activity of deposited particles, and enhance the properties of coating. It can deposit coatings on the surface of metal as well as non-metal. It can be used for metal film, TiN, TiC, ZrN, CrN,Nickle,Cr and Cu ect. Other compounds film, multi-layer super-hard film, multi-compounds film and titanium nitride with gold film as well. This machine is extensively used for super-hard coating on tools and mould, decorative coatings on car wheel, golf, watches, hard wares, lamp, glasses frame, ceramic and glass.


Magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine

MF sputtering technique has become the mainstream technology of magnetron sputtering, what characteristics superior to the DC sputtering are: Overcome the phenomenon of anode disappearance. Reduce or eliminate the abnormal arc discharge of target, therefore, improve the stability of sputtering process technology, and increase the deposition rate of dielectric coating. New developed plane target, cylindrical target, twin target, opposite target and various structures of MF sputtering targets. It is widely used in watchband, watchcases, mobile shell, hard wares, tableware etc. It can deposit all kinds of decorative coatings such as TiN, TiC, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN etc decorative coatings. The machine offers coatings in various metal colors such as steel, nickel, gold, bronze, anthracite and black. The color of the coating is determined by its composition, which is composed of zirconium, titanium, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and other metals. Our process engineering team can fine tune the color according to your requirements, so that you may be unique in your market. .


The machine adopts the resistance heating in the vacuum chamber, to melt and vaporize the metal wire (aluminum wire) cling to the resistance wire. The vaporized metal molecule deposit on the substrates, to gain the smooth film as well as high reflectivity. Thus the surface of the items can be decorated and beautified. Characteristic: reasonable structure, even film, good-quality film forming, quick pumping speed, the cycle of short, high efficiency and easy operation, low energy consumption and performance advantages of stability. Applied industry: Widely used in automotive, audio and various small appliances, computers, clocks and watches, toys, cell phones, reflective Cup, cosmetics, toys, tableware, sanitary ware, shoe heel, ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC, PET, nylon, metal, Boli, glass, ceramics, TPU, etc. Electroplating effects: general electroplating-face, dumb-(semi-mute, all dumb), the electroplating process wrinkles, lampworking, raindrops, seven colors; Coating color: gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple, multi color, and so on. We can make design the dimension of the vacuum chamber according to your requirement. We can also design and configure the vacuum unit and electric controlling system according to your requirement.